tips for your short-distance move

tips for your short-distance move

3 Things You Never Thought You Could Pack & Ship

by Otto Moilanen

A big move to another part of the country—or even another country altogether—can be exciting, sad and terrifying all at the same time. One of the biggest stressors is the concern that you can't take some of your most treasured items with you because they're too bulky, delicate or valuable to risk packing and shipping. But you might be pleasantly surprised to learn just what skilled packing services are capable of. Here are three examples.

1. A Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clocks aren't just valuable heirlooms, but they're also complex mechanical devices that are easily damaged when moved. For this reason, you might be tempted simply to sell that marvelous old keepsake and leave it behind. Amazingly enough, it's quite possible to pack and ship a grandfather clock so that it can be hauled to your new home without a scratch or dent to show for the effort.

The main issue in packing a grandfather clock is disassembling or detaching the exterior moving parts, or any delicate components that are vulnerable to breakage, before crating it. Your packing service will remove both the pendulum and the wrights that drive its motion, and tape the cables and chains to a piece of cardboard backing so they won't get tangled up.

It's important to detach any glass doors or shelves, too; you can pack and ship all these removed bits separately. The shipping company will then build a wooden crate that fits your grandfather clock perfectly, minimizing the risk of internal movement, jars and bumps.

2. Priceless Paintings

No matter how well insured your artwork is, the thought of having it damaged in transit may be enough to give you nightmares on the eve of your move. Fortunately, there are safe and effective methods for packing and shipping even the most valuable and fragile framed painting. The secret is create a custom-fitted, multi-layered protective "shell" around it.

The first step in preparing your painting for shipment is to seal it (frame and all) inside a form-fitting plastic sheet or bag. This will help prevent moisture damage and surface scratches. The packing experts will place the wrapped painting on piece of thick styrofoam, cutting the styrofoam to leave a margin around the painting as wide as the styrofoam is thick.

Long "rails" of styrofoam are adhered onto the margin around the painting so the painting will be contained within the styrofoam without moving around. The packing service then adheres another sheet of styrofoam (of the same dimensions as the backing sheet) over the top surface of the painting before covering this styrofoam "shell" with corrugated cardboard or wood.

3. Your Car

If you're planning a long-distance move within the contiguous 48 states, driving the family car to your final destination is certainly a simple solution to moving this essential item in your life. But what if you can't drive, or you're responsible for transporting a second (or even third) car as well? Believe it or not, even these massive machines can be packed and shipped, in a manner of speaking.

The safest method for transporting your vehicle is to have it packed into an extended cargo truck called a car hauler. You can choose from open-air or enclosed options. An enclosed car hauler may cost up to 60 percent more than its open-air cousin, but you'll rest assured that the car isn't being subjected foul weather or flying debris en route.

Many people think that they must give up their beloved vehicle when they get the call to move overseas, but if you really feel that strongly about taking your car with you. While you can have it shipped in a cargo container, a much more cost-effective strategy is to use a RORO ("roll on, roll off") service. Your car rolls onto the transport ship's cargo deck, where it's secured until the time comes to roll it off onto the destination platform. This option will save you a lot of packing and crating hassles.

Today's packing and shipping solutions are practically limitless, so don't just assume you have to say goodbye to your treasures. Ask local shipping and packing services about their range of options to bring all the comforts of home to your new abode.


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tips for your short-distance move

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