tips for your short-distance move

tips for your short-distance move

Moving As A Newly Single Parent? Local Movers And Other Tips For Your Big Day

by Otto Moilanen

Are you a newly single parent who needs to relocate somewhere in the same town or city? From hiring local movers to packing and organizing everything you'll bring with you, take a look at a few helpful tips to make your move easier. 

Hire A Local Moving Company

Whether your ex can't watch the kids on your move day or it's their day with you (per a new custody agreement), you can't supervise young children and lift/carry boxes at the same time. How can you manage parenting and moving? Some single parents have a childcare backup person such as a sitter, friend, or family member who can help. But if you don't have one of these options available or you will still need extra help, hire a mover.

Local moving services providers give parents the chance to spend time with their children on move-out/move-in day. Instead of carrying boxes, bins, and heavy furniture, you can supervise your kids, play games, and keep them busy during this transition. 

Before you hire a moving company, make sure the contractor provides the services you need, knows the area well, can work around your busy schedule, and comes with top-notch references. As you review refs, look for detailed summaries that include specific information. References and reviews that include short, generic statements won't help you to learn more about the company or what they offer.

Consider A Full-Service Moving Company

Go a step beyond a basic move and hire a full-service provider. It isn't always easy to shop for moving and packing supplies with children in tow. The same goes for packing and organizing your move. If you don't have the time or energy at the end of the day to pack everything you need to move, consider a full-service contractor.

Full-service moving companies are exactly what the name implies. These companies offer a full range of moving services. This includes buying or securing the packing materials necessary to move your belongings (such as cardboard boxes, plastic bins, bubble wrap, tape, packing paper, moving quilts, and more), packing, organizing, lifting/carrying, and transportation.

Encourage Your Children To Help

Your new living situation is a major change for your family. While this transition may cause your children to feel anxious, sad, or mad, you can take steps to ease the tension and help your family through this time. 

The move itself shouldn't add stress to an already pressure-filled situation. This is where movers come in. Instead of worrying about the move, you can focus on your children. But this doesn't necessarily mean that your family should walk away from the move completely. Help your children to feel better about this process by including them in the moving activities.

Young children can choose their favorite toys to take in the car, crafty kids can decorate moving boxes with crayons, and older children can help to pack their own boxes. 

For additional information, contact local movers in your area.


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tips for your short-distance move

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