tips for your short-distance move

tips for your short-distance move

Need To Move Fine Art? Let A Professional Moving Company Handle It For You!

by Otto Moilanen

Having fine art in your home adds a touch of class that you just can't get any other way. Each time you look at the pieces it's a moment that briefly takes you away to another time and place as you gaze at the beautiful scenes. When it's time for you to move to another house, you need to transport those pictures with the greatest of care. A professional fine art moving service can do this for you. Read further so you can see why a fine art moving service provides you with the perfect way to get your pieces to the next location.

Conservation Is The Key

The key to getting your fine art pieces to your new home in one piece is conserving them properly. It's not enough to simply box them with foam or packing peanuts. Your artwork needs to be treated with respect and the fine art moving service is the one who can accomplish this.

Fine art moving services specialize in conservation. They will carefully evaluate each of your pieces to see exactly how they need to be packaged before they are moved. Some of these companies even have conservation labs on site where the technicians create entirely unique packing solutions for each and every piece that they service. They consider the type of paper that the artwork is done on and even meticulously evaluate the fibers before they create the right packing profile. The end result is a piece that is wrapped with the tightest precision so you can decrease the chances that your artwork will be damaged during the move.

Fine Art Movers Insure Their Services

If you have costly artwork the last thing you want to do is risk having to replace them because there were damaged while you were moving. It's way too expensive and you may not have the funds to get it done. When you work with a fine art moving service like M Dyer & Sons Inc they will take on the liability risk that comes with transporting the pieces. If something is damaged during the move they will use their insurance to replace it so you won't have to worry about it.

The peace of mind that you're sure to feel when you know that a fine art moving service is on the case is worth every cent. Set up your appointment with one of these companies immediately so they can start developing your fine art packing package.


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tips for your short-distance move

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