tips for your short-distance move

tips for your short-distance move

Moving Yourself vs. Hiring Residential Movers for the Job

by Otto Moilanen

If you are going to be moving into a new home, then you might be trying to decide how you want to approach the move. You can get help from friends and do everything, you can do part of the job and hire movers to take care of the rest, or you can hire movers to do it all. The information you'll read here will give you a glimpse into what it can be like if you do it all on your own and how things can go if you hire movers to do everything for you. 

What it may be like to take care of your move on your own

If you take on the task of moving on your own, then you will have the tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating job of packing every single item in your home. This can leave you surrounded by half-filled boxes and a mess of things strewn throughout the house for weeks before moving day. Also, you will likely find that you end up digging a lot of things back out of boxes because you still need them. 

When moving day comes, expect things to be chaotic and extremely tiring. Also, no matter how long you give yourself to clear out the house, expect it to take much longer because it usually works out this way. 

Expect to take many breaks throughout the day. When you finally have everything in the truck and you get to the new place, it's likely you will end up sleeping in the new home on the floor. However, you can avoid this by making the mattresses be the last items to go in the truck. 

What it would be like if you hired professional movers to do everything

If you hire professional movers to take care of the entire move, then expect them to show up in the moving truck with all of the packing and moving supplies that are needed. Find a place in the house where you are out of the way and read a book or spend time on the computer while they make an inventory of everything and pack it all. You will also want to have a small bag with you that contains anything you will need on moving day like chargers, medications, etc.

Expect them to have the whole house packed in what may seem to be a record-breaking time. They will go through the house and disassemble everything that needs to be moved in sections. Then, they will pack everything in the truck and secure it so nothing shifts or moves during the trip to the new place. 

When the movers have the truck all packed up, they will drive it to the new place. Then, they will move everything in the house, put things back together that had to be taken apart, and set everything up for you. You can expect to sleep in your bed that night in a room that is fully furnished with all your furniture. 


Now that you see what a difference your move can be like when you hire a residential moving service to do it all, you will likely be ready to reserve them for your move.


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tips for your short-distance move

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