tips for your short-distance move

tips for your short-distance move

  • How To Prepare Before The Movers Arrive

    If you plan to move in the near future and you want to get professional help, you'll want to make sure that you're ready for your movers to arrive and do the hard work. You can take the steps needed to prepare so that moving day goes quickly and easily for all involved. Keep reading to learn how to best prepare before the movers arrive on moving day:  Schedule in Advance

  • 3 Tips to Avoid Common Moving Day Issues

    Are you getting stressed out just thinking about your upcoming move? Did your last move turn out to be a disaster and you want to avoid making the same mistakes this time? The average American will move more than 10 times throughout their life, or approximately once every 5-8 years. With each move often being done for financial reasons, it only makes sense to be as efficient with your moving process as possible.

  • 4 Things A Military Relocation Professional Can Do For You As Someone In The Military

    No matter who you are, relocating is a hard thing to do. However, when you are in the military and have to relocate, you may have to do so on short notice and go to a place you know nothing about. Here is a look at some of the things a military relocation professional (MRP) can do for you in the process.  An MRP can help you find the most suitable housing for your family.

  • Need To Move Fine Art? Let A Professional Moving Company Handle It For You!

    Having fine art in your home adds a touch of class that you just can't get any other way. Each time you look at the pieces it's a moment that briefly takes you away to another time and place as you gaze at the beautiful scenes. When it's time for you to move to another house, you need to transport those pictures with the greatest of care. A professional fine art moving service can do this for you.

  • Tips To Help You Prepare For And Use Your Storage Unit More Effectively

    Moving your household may require you to hire professional movers and even rent a storage unit to help the move to go more smoothly. With the right preparation, you can store items in your storage unit neat and organized and without a problem or persistent pests. Here are some tips and recommendations to help you prepare for and place items into a storage unit. Choose the Right-Sized Boxes When you pack up for your move or for moving into a storage unit, it can be helpful to pack up all your possessions into boxes of the same size.

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tips for your short-distance move

If you are planning a short-distance move, you may be considering taking on the moving challenge on your own. Really, how hard could it be to move all of your things a few miles up the road? I can tell you through my own personal experience that it is more difficult than you might think. If you are considering having a few friends help you by driving some pick-up trucks filled with your things and making multiple trips with the hopes of saving money, you probably won't save money. This blog contains several tips that can help you make your short-distance move easier and more affordable.